Art in Hjorthagen
May 18th,  17.45-18.30.

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Hjorthagen is known for being the first industrial suburb in Stockholm with Värtahamnen, the gasworks and experimental housing for workers. The Worker’s Movement early on shaped the area with various cooperatives. Today many of these premises are used for artists’ studios and since 1958 Gerlesborgsskolan runs one of their two branshes here.

Art in Hjorthagen 
is an initiative to create an annual event in the geographical area of Hjorthagen, where the audience can explore several artistic venues and activities in the surrounding. It is the first attempt to build a network between these participating venues to enhance the creative scene of the artistic community in this area and develop future collaboration with each other by creating a dynamic cultural quarter and thinking together about how to sustain it.

On the 18th of May, we are inviting the public to visit several venues, and attend different activities.

This initiative launched by AllArtNow in collaboration with all participating venues, artists and curators who are based in Hjorthagen.
If you have questions or you need more info, please contact: – Abir Boukhari.


15-16, Open Studios at Hjorthagens Ateljéföreningen with artists Martin Jacobson, Kjell Rylander, Maria Toll and Maria Andersson, Skogvaktargatan 11, 2 stairs.

16-17, Open Studio Ebba Bohlin at Lanforsvägen 21.

16-19, Spring Exhibition, Gerlesborgsskolan, Jägmästargatan 2.

16-21, AllArtNow, exhibition with Jesper Nordahl, Älvkarleövägen 6.

17.45-18.30, Bibliotek-a, presentation of the studio space by Alexandra Larsson Jacobson and the summer project Mörby Gård Konst’s third exhibition, introduction by curator Camilla Larsson and performance by Hillside Projects, Artemisgatan 30A. Release of the complete book series by Aber Press

18.45 Artist Jesper Nordahl introduces his exhibition at AllArtNow, Älvkarleövägen 6, mingle until 21.

All Hours, Gallery Toll, exhibition Crash with Alberte Skronski, Ropsten Metro, exit Hjorthagens skola (at the end of the corridor)/Nimrodstrappan.


Map by Maria Andersson.

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