is a studio collective and project space located in the former premises of Hjorthagen's Public Library in Stockholm.

We believe in the bond between artistic work and friendship and we want to use bibiliotek-a as a space where we can cultivate, initiate and share relationships with colleagues whose work we love and respect.

We are Josef Jägnefält, Chiara Bugatti, Alexandra Larsson Jacobson and Elin Dimberg.


Our programme is kindly supported by: 
Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse
Stockholms Stad

Summer programme run by Alexandra Larsson Jacobson:

130 55 — ORNÖ



ibliotek-a | labb
bibliotek-a is a studio collective (labb translates as lab), a space for artistic research and production.

bibliotek-a | -tek
bibliotek-a is a box. From ancient greek, thḗkē means “case, box, receptacle”, an open container in which anything can be collected and displayed. Bibliotek-a provides a framework for presentations and conversations around artistic practices.

bibliotek-a | bio
bibliotek-a is a cinema (bio translates as cinema). With love for the moving image, bibliotek-a borrows, collects and shares video artworks on site and online.

bibliotek-a | lek
bibliotek-a is a playground (lek translates as game). We believe in playfulness and informality as tools for sharing knowledge.

bibliotek-a | klibb
bibliotek-a is sticky (klibb translates as adhesive), it aims to create a contact surface between local artists and other spaces.

bibliotek-a | klot
bibliotek-a is wide open (klot translates as globe), it aims to create bridges and involve international practitioners.


bibliotek-a är ett ateljékollektiv i Hjorthagens gamla bibliotekslokaler i Stockholm.